SILVER is your ideal partner. We offer a wide range of services, also through the established network with over 20 partners in the metal industry.

We offer services of lathe processing, milling and grinding of metal parts. We use conventional and CNC machines, as well as CNC machining centers. We use highly productive machines to process alloys of steel, aluminum, other non-ferrous metals and plastics. We can offer the production of very demanding and precise machine parts according to the technical documentation of the client or according to the finished sample. We can process: bar materials, pipes, OK bars and square ’firkets’.

Laser cutting and bending of plate materials

Laser cutting is performed on automated machines, as a highly economical and fast way of production. It is suitable for prototyping, as well as for series production. The advantage of this type of processing is primarily in the precision and the possibility of obtaining smooth surfaces that do not require additional processing. The maximum thickness of the material is 8 mm. If the material is thicker, cutting is done with plasma or waterjet. In addition to cutting, we also offer the service of bending plate materials, namely: angular bending, bending on rollers and bending segments, CNC bending with hydraulic presses.

Production of tools and whole assemblies

Development, design and production of tools is performed using modern CAD / CAM programs on CNC and classic machines according to 2D, 3D drawing or pattern. The second step is the construction of the tool, followed by the production of the components of the tool itself, assembly, as well as testing the correctness and functionality. We offer the production of all types of small and medium-sized tools.

Plasticization of metal elements

We provide plasticization services for all types of metals (aluminum, iron, steel, copper, brass …) Plasticization is possible for the finished product, as well as a separate metal element. The maximum volume of the whole product that we plasticize is 3x2x2m. The process of plasticization can be applied on whole products or individual metal elements. Metal plasticization provides the highest standards of corrosion protection, protection against mechanical damage and external influences. We guarantee color fastness.

Production of metal structures

We offer the service of making metal constructions from pipes of different dimensions for fences, gates, protective grilles, railings … metalsmith structures are made on the basis of a project submitted by the client, with indications of dimensions and possible specific requirements. Metal structures are made of different profiles and in accordance with the project and the agreement with the client. We offer the installation service if it is possible to safely transport the entire structure.

Production of all types of springs

In partnership with renowned spring manufacturers, we offer a wide range of this product: compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, leaf and disc springs and special types of springs. The springs are made of quality modern materials.

Assembly completing the finished product from several elements

In addition to the production of special elements, we also offer services for the production of finished products and / or assembly of several parts into the final product. The final stage of any production is quality testing. This includes checking the functionality of the product and checking that all the criteria are met according to the client’s specification..