What do we offer?

In collaboration with over 20 partners in the field of metal industry, we offer the following services to you:

It is important for us to gain your trust. We also offer the possibility of free sample production for items of smaller financial value.

Why collaborate with us?

Silver company was founded in Čačak in 1990. Company development strategy is focused on the mediation between firms working in the metal industry. Based on your request, we find an ideal partner for you among our associates in Čačak. According to your technical designs, we organize the production of metal components and whole constructions, test product quality and organize delivery within the agreed deadlines. You get a high quality product at an affordable price, and we get an opportunity to employ large production facilities in our town. 


Material and products of European quality and affordable prices


Rich experience and expert knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering


Collaboration with over 20 partners in the field of metal industry




Prompt adaptation to your demands





Decision delivery within the pre-agreed deadlines

Are you wondering if we can produce the part you need and if so, at what price?

We establish collaboration in three simple steps:

1. You fill out an inquiry form and provide us with necessary details about the product you needn

2. We analize the request and give an offer that includes financial terms and delivery deadlines

3. If you confirm that the conditions are acceptable – we will commence work!

How our partners describe the cooperation with us:

  • We cooperate with the company since February 2019. We have placed many orders to produce CNC-machined and drilled parts for our special trikes and tandems and we have got the parts in good quality and the lead time has been mostly also ok. In cases of some quality issues we have got new parts produced correctly and with the proper quality. Also SILVER d.o.o. has developed and produced several advertising bicycle trailers for us. We can recommend SILVER d.o.o. as a reliable and friendly supplier.
  • Our Company Adbikes Media Ltd has been in cooperation with Silver Doo in Serbia for over eight years. Specifically they have developed and manufacture from our designs our quadricycle advertising poster bike called the "Adbike". This has involved the process of making our unique glass fiber "Poster Pod", by making new moulds.and assembling all parts, together with making our quadricycle chassis. In particular this involved machining and making the chassis structure itself and sourcing and assembling all parts such as gearing brakes, wheels and chains etc. To build a high quality road going vehicle. When we first approached Silver Doo  we had not had cooperation with any other manufacturer in Serbia before, but Silver Doo and their representatives Milan and Vladimir came very well recommended by other partners we had in the UK..  Throughout our time working with them we have found them to be highly trustworthy, and their production processes are of an excellent standard. Although we had made our Adbike product before in different Countries specifically both in the UK and in China. Our partners in Serbia have exceeded our demands and made the product to an excellent standard and in many respects improving both the chassis part of the product and the "Poster Pod" from our previous builds with other manufacturers. They are without doubt a very reliable and quality partner, who make products within the time frames asked for, and at affordable prices. Once they quote for business they do not deviate from these quotes unless there are exceptional circumstances. I thoroughly recommend their Design, Manufacture and Assembly processes. Their Location in Serbia has also proved surprisingly convenient for export of our products to both Europe and other parts of the Worlds.
    In short we have  found our cooperation with Silver Doo to be very beneficial to our Company, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.